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Drakšas R. Urmonas A. Education Requirements in Lithuanian Law for an Individual who Wishes to Become an Advocate.

Administratīvā un Kriminālā Justīcija 2012 Vol. 4 (61) The most important task that should be accomplished by an advocate is the defence of human rights, which entails the acquisition of a responsible approach to the profession of an advocate by a prospective advocate. As a defender of rights and interests of persons, he should be [...]

Is it Reasonable to Limit the Group of Legal Entities that Can Be Considered as Subjects of Criminal Liability?

Jurisprudence 2011 Vol 18 (4) Criminal liability of legal entities was legitimised in the Republic of Lithuania nine years ago, and in the ruling of the Constitutional Court of 8 June 2009, a conclusive confirmation on its accordance with the Constitution was made. It should be noted that this penal law novelty (providing the extension [...]

Drakšas R., Valutytė R. The Problems of Determination and Implementation of Criminal Liability for Torture in Lithuania

Law 2010 Vol. 74 The article discusses the problems of determination and implementation of criminal responsibility for torture in Lithuania. It is evaluated weather Lithuania meets its engagements to prohibit and punish the act of torture properly. Taking into account the concept of torture in international law the authors suggest a definition of torture that [...]